Nicky Bird

An exhibition, new work and a talk, Autumn 2012

I am thrilled that one of my photographs from the series Tracing Echoes (2001) has been included in the National Gallery’s Seduced by Art: Photography Past and Present, which opens next week – running till 20 January 2013. Accompanied by a beautiful catalogue, the exhibition then tours to Madrid and Barcelona next year.

The Glasgow Women’s Library provided an excellent opportunity to produce a limited edition for their 21 Revolutions event and exhibition. I was one of 21 women artists and 21 women writers commissioned by the Library to create new work inspired by items and artefacts in their collections. You can see Raging Dyke Network – 20 multi-view postcards – alongside works by other artists working with diverse themes and mediums. You can purchase these and other works to help support the library.

Finally I am looking forward to giving an artist’s talk as part of the Atlas,Talking Art Series on the Isle of Skye, Saturday 10 November, 2.00 – 3.00pm. This programme is for the creation of projects not fixed by, or to, a permanent gallery space. This is a great platform to reflect on how local voices, and their reading of the landscape, helped shape works such as Archaeology of the Ordinary (2011), made for The Peter Potter Gallery’s Lost Landscapes programme.

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