Nicky Bird

Whither the roots? Stills, May 2011

Whither the roots? took its name from a track by Wounded Knee and created an event
in which questions relating to place were explored with an invited audience, drawn from a number of sectors. This looked at the significance of personal or community connections to places that are subject to erasure, whether through regeneration or economic decline – and some of its politics. It not only celebrated the end of the project Beneath the Surface / Hidden Place with a new publication, but widened the theme by bringing a musician, an Architect, and two Cultural Critics. Together they asked what is the importance of personal stories, social and architectural histories that lie in whither the roots? After all ‘Whither’ has other meanings beyond ‘wither’ leading to the question Whither are we wandering? and to its Scottish meaning: to stroke, beat…

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